Virginia Beach Hampton Roads #1 motorcycle apparel and accessories vendor

After a year of absence and with some late night work, Biker Bum is back online.  I will be adding new items every week, so make sure to stop by often. A BIG Thank You to our 757 fam and our customers for all the love and support shown to us during our time of grief over the loss of our oldest son Alex. (pictured on the picture slide) Biker Bum is a family business, consisting of Hillbilly, Cami and Joshua.  We are a mobile vendor motorcycle apparel and accessories business.  Serving Virginia Beach, Virginia since 2008, we have met and made great people and friends.  Both Hillbilly and Cami have served in the military and have enjoyed serving our military/biker customers. Keep up on all our newest items and whereabouts by following us on facebook and twitter!